This virtual summit brings together luminaries from the Tiny House Community. Hearing these personal stories will help you simplify your life, lower your expenses, live more intentionally, and make room for your biggest dreams.

Including your favorite tiny house personalities:

Click on a picture to hear my conversation with one of these remarkable people. Listen at your convenience, no cost, no fake scarcity, no manipulation – just hours of great stories and actionable tips from luminaries in the tiny house movement! Portions of some interviews have also been released on my podcast. Newest releases listed first.

Carmen Shenk Bio

I’m Carmen Shenk, host of Simplify My Life. I created this virtual summit and brought together these amazing people in order to help you live simply, lower your expenses dramatically, live more intentionally, and make space in your life for your boldest dreams.

This started out as a virtual summit where the content was only available for a limited time, but the hosting system was glitchy. So I simply decided to offer it to you without the time limitations. Enjoy my conversations with these remarkable people at your convenience. Click on each participant to view.