This virtual summit brings together more than a dozen luminaries from the Tiny House Community. Hearing these personal stories will help you simplify your life, make room for meaning, and decide if living in a tiny house is right for you.

Including your favorite tiny house personalities:

Day 1

October 11

Andrew Bennett
Core Housing Solutions
Trekker Trailers
Andrew M. Odom
Tiny R(e)volution
Managing Editor: Tiny House Magazine
Chris Schapdick
Designer & Builder: Tiny Industrial
Author: The Joy of Tiny House Living
Jill Kanto
Living in Community
Sheena Henry
Nurse Anesthesiologist
Method to NOMADness

Day 2

October 12

Alexis Stephens
Filmmaker & Advocate
Tiny House Expedition
Brenda Mason
Author & Speaker
Creating Your Home Oasis
Chris Strathy
Designer & Builder
The Capable Carpenter
Felice Cohen
Author & Speaker
90 Lessons on Living Large in 90 Sq Ft
The Fancy Tales: Modern Versions
Johanna Elsner
Designer & Builder
Perch & Nest Tiny Cottages & Homes

Day 3

October 13

Andrea Burns
Advocate & Consultant
Chronic Health LLC
Brynn Burger
Author & Speaker
The Mama On The Rocks
David Latimer
Designer & Builder
New Frontier Tiny Homes
Jenn Baxter
Author & Speaker
Live A F.A.S.T Life
Iris Ministries
Michael Fuehrer
Consultant & Builder
Navigation Nowhere (Now Here)
Thom Stanton
Consultant & Designer
Zach Giffin
Designer, Builder & Co-Host
Tiny House Nation

Carmen Shenk
Artist, Entrepreneur & Communicator
Author: Kitchen Simplicity SimplifyMy.Life

I’m Carmen Shenk, host of Simplify My Life. I created this virtual summit and brought together these amazing people so that we could inspire you to live simply and show you why and how. Furthermore, if you decide to adopt a tiny new home, we are here to walk you through the creative process to clarify and create a legit and legal tiny house action plan that is exactly right for you.

Interviews available free of charge for a very limited time.