Brenda Mason

Author Brenda Mason

Brenda Mason’s great new book: “The 31-day Guide to Creating Your Clutter Free Home Oasis”

Brenda Mason moved from her 3100 sq ft home in Utah to her 310 sq ft tiny house in Virginia, and she did her dramatic downsizing (including an estate sale) all in 31 days! Can you imagine? Find Brenda at and check out her “Downsizing in 31 days” class where she will show you how. If you’ve been looking for a systematic approach that will help you simply Get. It. Done… Brenda’s class and her supportive Facebook community will help you do exactly that!

Watch the video of our conversation here:

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  • Unfortunately it seems that this podcast player isn’t very dependable, so if it doesn’t work for you, please find the episode you are looking for here: Faith Art & Tiny Houses or you can visit here to find your favorite app so that you may listen on your device.
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Brenda downsized from a stuffed 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 2 car garage home… across the country to a 310 sq ft converted motor coach… all in just 31 days!  She knows from experience that it is a physical, spiritual, and emotional journey, yet it does take you to a lighter and freer life. Brenda can help you realize the life you’ve only dreamed of to this point…

Go from Chaos to Clarity in Moments instead of Months. Learn More…
Making Room for Contentment.
Learn more…
Go from Chaos to Order in Moments instead of Months. Learn more…

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Listen to more of our conversation here:

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