Jill Kanto

Episode 17 with Jill Kanto

Jill was newly divorced single mom of two, who was falling through the cracks, and her health was failing. Resourceful, she borrowed money from family and built a DIY tiny house on wheels and found a backyard intentional community. Then Jill founded a not-for-profit website with a detailed Village Finder to help people address that central tiny house question: “Where do I park my home?”


Watch the podcast video here:

Or listen to the podcast here:

  • I am struggling to find a website podcast player that works consistantly, so if you can’t get this embed to work, then find this and other episodes here: Faith Art & Tiny Houses or you can visit here to find your favorite app so that you may listen on your device.
  • Theme music by Jonathan Crissman
  • Graphic design by Carmen Shenk

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Or listen to the entire interview here:

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