Alex Eaves

Alex Eaves is a reuse expert, filmmaker and also the owner and founder of STAY VOCAL. He came up with the original idea for the brand in 2003, as he wanted to create a skateboard and apparel brand that promoted ideas for positive change. At the same time, Alex also saw the mass production and destruction of new merchandise and learned disturbing facts about waste in the textile industry… which led him to become part of the solution.

Brenda Mason

Brenda Mason moved from her 3100 sq ft home in Utah to her 310 sq ft tiny house in Virginia, and she did her dramatic downsizing (including an estate sale) all in 31 days! Can you imagine? Find Brenda at and check out her “Downsizing in 31 days” class where she will show you how. If you’ve been looking for a systematic approach that will help you simply Get. It. Done… Brenda’s class and her supportive Facebook community will help you do exactly that!

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This is the second of two podcast episodes with Brenda Mason, and we ended up talking about where to begin when you’re feeling overwhelmed. She suggested starting in the closet, and I completely agree. Changes in the closet may seem overwhelming, but it’s one of the most rewarding parts of the home to tackle. Now that we’re all at home more than usual thanks to Covid-19, here’s your opportunity to tackle a project that will really make a big difference!

To help you toward that goal, I’m offering my class “Practically Tiny” for free for ONE WEEK (good from 3/17/2020 to 3/24/2020) so that you can dive into creating your own capsule wardrobe, and capsule kitchen, and even capsule self-care to prepare to go tiny, or simply to live more comfortably in a home you already love. This is a process that will help you tame the clutter and chaos monster, and help you refine your collection of belongings to only what suits you. I end up dressing better, and that just feels good. This is all about bringing order from chaos and refining my life into contentment. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, this will help!

COUPON CODE: COVID19 – which is good for the week of 3/17/2020 to 3/24/2020.

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Watch the video of Part 1 of our conversation here:

Brenda Mason downsized from a stuffed 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 2 car garage home… across the country to a 310 sq ft converted motor coach… all in just 31 days!  She knows from experience that it is a physical, spiritual, and emotional journey, yet it does take you to a lighter and freer life. Brenda can help you realize the life you’ve only dreamed of to this point…

Go from Chaos to Clarity in Moments instead of Months. Learn More…
Making Room for Contentment.
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Go from Chaos to Order in Moments instead of Months. Learn more…

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Carmen Shenk

We are most effective at putting out the wildfires around us when we have prepared our lives for service. In this episode of the podcast, Carmen explores why we minimize the mundane things of life, and what we stand to gain when we do.

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006 Making Space for Meaning

Carmen is an artist, entrepreneur and communicator who lives in the Shenandoah Valley with her Austrian Pipe Organ Builder and their little treat-vacuum dog… SimplifyMy.Life

Chris Schapdick

Owner, builder, author, coach… Chris Schapdick used to work in an office. He did that for too long and decided to pull the plug on a career that wasn’t providing him with a sense of accomplishment or satisfaction. He built a tiny house for he & his daughter. He enjoyed the process so much that he wanted to build more. Tiny Industrial was born. Now he builds tiny houses…

Johanna Elsner

Hailing from a 15+ year career in both public accounting and personal organization, Johanna also brings a past of house flipping, thrift store shopping, crafting, and reclaiming things “destined for the dump” to the tiny table. (And not to mention, she went to Culinary School!) As Perch & Nest’s lead designer, a mother, wife, and homesteader, Johanna understands what it takes to achieve practical design…